Strengthening literary skills and community outreach through Clearview Kids N’ Me

At the Oakville Public Library (OPL), we are committed to establishing connections and enhancing literacy skills within the community.

We understand the importance of building a foundation of literacy, and we encourage early learning for the essential development of our children and youth. In support of the growing needs of our neighbourhoods, we offer specialized programming for all levels of learning and areas of focus.

In 2011, the OPL introduced the Clearview Kids N’ Me program to provide our high-need communities with access to additional learning and resources. This multifaceted program allows pre-school children to develop and expand their literacy and social skills through various activities, creative play, and storytelling, as well as educates parents and caregivers on childhood development, parenting techniques, and how to live a healthy lifestyle.

In 2016 alone, over 1,300 individuals attended a Clearview Kids N’ Me session, which well-exceeded our expectancy for the program. After receiving a magnitude of positive feedback from parents and caregivers, we are delighted to know that we have been able to provide a tangible resource for our community members.

“My children and I love this program. It is the only daytime program in our area that we can attend regularly. Since attending, my children have become more outgoing and enjoy playing with other kids.”

The success of the Clearview Kids N’ Me program is largely a result of the support from a few amazing OPL partners, such as the Oakville YMCA, the Halton Region Health Department, OPL staff, and student volunteers from Sheridan College.

Last year the program also received a generous donation from our friends at the Oakville Community Foundation. The Oakville Community Foundation encourages and supports organizations in Oakville to reinvest in our community through the funding of special projects and initiatives. With their support, we were able to enhance the Clearview Kids N’ Me program and offer assistance to more deserving families.

We would like to thank our supporters and our community for their ongoing interest and encouragement. We hope to continue this wonderful project for the years to come!

Iroquois Ridge Branch to undergo renovations, introduce Creation Zone

On September 8, 2016 the Oakville Public Library Board approved a plan to renovate the Iroquois Ridge Branch and construct a Creation Zone within its walls. Renovations will take approximately 5 months to complete.


The branch will be closed starting Monday January 23, 2017, reopening in early July. Temporary services will be available within the Iroquois Ridge Community Centre.


Why is Iroquois Ridge Branch being renovated?

  • Iroquois Ridge is being renovated as part of the Strategic Direction identified in the Strategic Plan:  to transform our virtual and physical spaces to encourage creativity, collaboration, and discovery.
  • Renovations will allow for the reconfiguration of space, an enlarged quiet study room, upgraded public access computers, group work and meeting space and the introduction of a Creation Zone to be constructed within library walls.


What is a Creation Zone and what will Iroquois Ridge’s look like?

  • Creation Zones serve as gathering points where individuals can connect to work on meaningful projects, using both new technologies and traditional tools, assisted by helpful mentors (OPL Staff and community volunteers).
  • Iroquois Ridge Branch’s Creation Zone will be a versatile space that inspires collaboration and learning, recreation and reflection. New technology offerings will include:
  • State of the art programming & design software (for 3D designers, web/game developers);
  • Cutting edge videography and photography tools (e.g.: digital camcorders, green screen, editing software, microphones);
  • Space for hands-on learning and coding activities with an emphasis on STEM (science, technology, engineering & math)

Why is a Creation Zone needed?

  • Oakville Public Library is committed to its role as a supporter of 21st century literacy skills and providing access to new and innovative technologies. As technology increasingly becomes an integral part of everyone’s life, our branches will continue to evolve as community hubs.
  • Iroquois Ridge’s Creation Zone will provide residents with the tools and space needed to explore and share ideas, create, innovate and connect
  • Through creative hands-on experiences and learning, offerings at IR’s Creation Zone will foster community connectedness and encourage residents to experiment, play, and discover.


What happens to the collection? Will there still be books at Iroquois Ridge Branch when the Creation Zone opens?

  • Oakville Public Library strives to achieve a content mix that meets the needs of all residents.
  • To accommodate the Creation Zone, Iroquois Ridge Branch’s book collection will be downsized somewhat. This gradual process is now being carried out by staff and will continue up until late January 2017 when the branch closes for renovations.
  • Books removed from Iroquois Ridge Branch will be reallocated to other branches or sold at the Friends of the Oakville Public Library’s fundraising book sales when appropriate.
  • As a reminder, books, DVDs and other items within the Oakville Public Library system can be placed on hold and picked up at Iroquois Ridge Branch.


What is the best way to access library services during the Iroquois Ridge Branch closure?

  • A Library Depot is currently available in the Program Room of the Iroquois Ridge Library, accessible from the Community Centre hall.
  • Hours of operation:
    • Sundays                            1pm to 5pm
    • Monday                            5pm to 8:30pm
    • Tuesday                            9:30am to 1pm
    • Wednesday                     1pm to 8:30pm
    • Thursday                          9:30am to 1pm
    • Friday                                1pm to 5pm
    • Saturday                           9:30am to 1pm
  • Services offered:
    • Holds pick-up
    • Small collection of popular materials to borrow
  • A materials return drop box will be located in the hallway so customers can drop off their library materials during Iroquois Ridge Community Centre open hours


Will there be programming offered during the closure?

  • Iroquois Ridge will host two weekly family story times, both located in the Community Centre’s Southridge Room
    • Tuesday               11:15am to 11:45am
    • Thursday              11:15am to 11:45am
  • White Oaks Branch and Clearview Neighbourhood Branch will host additional programming. Please check our Program Guide or ask staff for more details.


Stay tuned to for more information and updates.

Oakville Public Library CEO retires after more than 30 years of service


Oakville, August 17, 2016 — for immediate release

After 30 years Charlotte Meissner, CEO of the Oakville Public Library (OPL), retired on August 12, 2016.

During her tenure she led the OPL in the development of a transformative strategic plan. She introduced the concept of digital hubs and expanded digital services to address evolving public expectations.

“On behalf of the board, we want to thank Charlotte for her dedication and commitment to the library and are tremendously grateful to her leadership over the past several years,” said Councillor Jeff Knoll, OPL Board Chair. “She is leaving the OPL in excellent condition, and I have every confidence that things will continue to run smoothly over these next few months as we transition to the next CEO.”

Recruitment for the CEO position will begin immediately. Lynn Horlor, director, Financial Operations, from the Town of Oakville, will be the interim CEO until the role is filled.

Media contact:

Lynn Horlor

Acting CEO

Oakville Public Library



Oakville Public Library Bed Bug Prevention & Containment Policy

The library acknowledges that proactive inspections, staff training, promptly reporting sightings and destroying bed bugs immediately are the most important actions it can take toward mitigating bed bug problems. As bed bugs become increasingly more common in North American public spaces, Oakville Public Library employs a proactive approach to minimize the risk of their presence.

Oakville Public Library is committed to the providing a positive library experience for all of its customers as well as a safe working environment for its staff.  As part of this commitment the library has implemented a comprehensive and pro-active policy and procedure involving inspections of facilities by pest control professionals and training for staff on the identification and containment of bed bugs.

Prevention, Protocol and Procedures
All library staff are aware of procedures and protocol related to handling materials contaminated with bed bugs. In the event that a customer discovers bed bugs in borrowed materials, containment and proper handling is extremely important. Guidelines for customers who suspect bed bugs in library materials are available in this Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) document.

Inspection Results

June 2016 Inspection Results
Central: Clear
Woodside: Clear
Glen Abbey: Clear
Iroquois Ridge: Clear
White Oaks: Clear
Clearview: Clear

Downtown Oakville gets new credit card machines in lots and extended on-street parking times

Visitors to Central Branch who park in Lot #10 now have the ability to pay-by-plate and park for 3 hours at a time. Please see the Town of Oakville’s memorandum below regarding the changes or visit for more information. If you have comments, questions or would like to provide feedback regarding pay-by-plate parking, please contact Parking Operations – Engineering and Construction at the Town of Oakville via (905) 338-4394.

Starting September 9, 2014, two changes to parking in downtown Oakville will make it more convenient and efficient for anyone shopping, dining or visiting the area.

“These parking upgrades are just the start of facilitating even easier and more convenient access to all of the worthwhile experiences downtown Oakville has to offer,” Mayor Rob Burton said. “Earlier this year, Council and I asked residents and businesses for their input on improving parking in downtown Oakville. We listened and we’re making changes.”

The first change includes replacing all existing pay and display machines in downtown municipal lots (including Kerr Village), with more convenient and efficient pay-by-plate machines that accept credit cards. You no longer need to display a ticket on the dashboard of your car, simply enter your licence plate, pay and go.

“Pay-by-plate machines are very convenient,” said Dan Cozzi, director of Engineering and Construction for the town. “For right now, these new machines will only be in the municipal lots, but in the spring, we will be converting all on-street machines to these pay-by-plate as well.”

Cozzi added that you just need to make sure you know your licence plate number to use the machine. His trick is to take a photo of your plate with your smart phone.

The second change extends the on-street parking time to three hours from its current two-hour limit starting September 9. All on-street parking spaces, including metered spaces, will be updated by the end of September. The extended three-hour parking will allow visitors to stay a little longer. All machines on the streets and in the lots will accept credit cards and coins. The cost to park on the street in downtown Oakville is now $2 per hour except along Water Street which remains at $1 per hour, and parking lots remain at $1.50 an hour.

In early 2015 the town will be making additional parking changes downtown that include improving parking and directional signage to make it easier to find parking locations, and introducing 20-minute quick stop parking spaces throughout downtown.

A detailed map of on-street parking areas, municipal lots and information on how to use the new pay-by-plate machines are available on the Municipal Parking Lots and Garages page.

$1 fee applied to holds not picked up effective January 5, 2015

As of January 5, 2015, a $1 fee will apply to items that are not picked up within the allotted 4-day pickup window (expired holds). The fee is being implemented to provide more opportunities for cardholders to access library materials. Holds that aren’t picked up are a lost opportunity – time spent sitting on the shelf and in transit from branch to branch means that they aren’t being enjoyed by anyone.

There are many ways to manage your holds and avoid the accumulation of expired hold fees. The Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) document below should provide insight and answer any questions you may have. Should your enquiry not be addressed in the FAQ document, please feel free to e-mail us at or call your local branch. We are always happy to assist.

Holds Not Picked Up Fee — FAQ Document

SMS notification method now available

On September 30, 2013, Oakville Public Library introduced a new notification method for your holds and overdue items. Besides the already existent email, phone and print notification methods,  it is now possible to receive text message notifications on your cellular device. The service is free of charge. If you wish to switch to SMS notifications, please ask for this service at the circulation desk of your branch the next time you visit and make sure you provide your cell phone number.

Please note: Only one notification method per library account is possible at this time. Example: If you switch to the SMS notification method you will no longer receive e-mail notices.

Borrowing material from Library and Archives Canada through Interlibrary Loans.

Important Update

We will able to borrow this material through interlibrary loans conditional to:

  • Clients being willing to pay costs related to the loan including shipping and any additional or extraordinary costs agreed to in advance. The client agrees to assume responsibility for compliance with the Copyright Act.
  • Reproduction of the loaned item(s) by client(s) by any means, including, but not restricted to, photocopying, digitization, or photography is prohibited.
  • The institution will make the item available for consultation only on its premises. The borrowed item(s) must be held in custody and returned in the same condition in which they were received by the institution.
  • The client will be held financially responsible for LAC’s applicable insurance deductible should damage or loss occur, resulting from negligence (or gross negligence) of the client(s).
  • The duration of the loan is fifteen (15) business days with no option to renew.