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Write2Xpress 2021 Winners

Write2Xpress 2021 Winners  main image

This year Oakville teens were asked to write a captivating short story or poem connected to an image of the HMS Oakville Memorial in Tannery Park. We are happy to announce our winners for all categories.

Please join us in congratulating our winners!

Short Story Category:

Ages 15 to 18

In first place we have a tie:

  • Giulia Casha with "Untitled"

A passage from their work: 
He wonders if the trees ever mourn the loss of their leaves. Their green children they grew from a bud being torn away for a lonely winter. Maybe, they gladly let the leaves go, hoping the wind will carry them where they can spread their seeds and grow. Soon, the red canopy above him will be clear and the sunlight will stream through reflecting on the white snow. The path he walks now will become icy and the children will use it to play on their sleds.  But for now, the path remains bare, and the trees keep their leaves. His grandson begins to pull his arm lightly, but his eyes remain on a single leaf as it falls from a tree and twirls to the ground.
  • Tessa Koster with "The Beacon of Magic"

A passage from their work:

This world in which humans still harm each other and total peace is a concept as unreal as magic. But legend has it that the magic’s words still hold true; if humans maintain peace for a century then all magic will be restored. Though you and I may not live to see this day, we must all simply attempt to be our best selves. For try we must, to heal the land that once was.

In second place: 

  • Zaina Syeda with "Beneath The Tower"

And the third place winner: 

  • Stephanie Tang with "Wings of Stone"

Ages 12 to 14

In first place: 

  • Andelka Peric with "Old Martha and the History Thief"

A passage from their work:  

Valerie looks back at the monument. It becomes invisible, as they go on farther, but she would always remember it as a perfect photograph in her mind, the monument against the navy sky, the fresh air and Martha sitting on one of the benches reading the history books that are now in Valerie’s very own hands.

In second place we have a tie:

  • Sophia Salazar with "The Very Greedy King"

  • Sophie Chen with "Untitled"

And the third place winner: 

  • Eric Zhang with "The Beacon of Hope"

Poetry Category:

In first place: 
  • Joy Fam with “The Structure”

A passage from their work: 

The guiding peak.
Pointing to something, somewhere, someone.
An unknown destination, purpose, goal.
‘It’ knows where it leads us. Though we are clueless. It is a peak that encourages us. That commands us to keep going.
A peak that points towards our unknown future- pointing towards the sky.
Whispering that there are no limits, there are no guidelines.
The sky is ours, to explore.

In second place:

  • Rida Salahuddin with “An Ode to Childhood”

And the third place winner:

  • Mikaela Wallet with “The Lady & the Tower”

Photo credit - © Dave Hook 2026-2031. Used with permission.