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Human Resources Policies

Employee Code of Conduct


Oakville Public Library (OPL) is committed to maintaining the highest standards of professional excellence consistent with our core values. OPL’s core values are:
  • Integrity
  • Intellectual Freedom
  • Accessibility
  • Service Excellence
  • Collaboration
  • Adaptability
This Code of Conduct (referred to hereafter as “Code”), has been established to ensure that employees adhere to the highest standards of professional conduct. This policy is not intended to address every situation and represents general standards and expectations for all employees. Each employee has the obligation to ensure compliance with the Code, which is a condition of employment. Failure to comply with the Code may result in disciplinary action, up to and including termination of employment.

View the complete Employee Code of Conduct policy here (PDF)

Occupational Health, Safety and Workplace Violence

Purpose Statement

The purpose of this policy is to ensure that all library workplaces and facilities are in compliance with the Occupational Health and Safety Act and regulations and that every reasonable precaution is taken to provide for a healthy and safe work environment. The implementation of this policy, through the establishment of occupational health and safety programs based on shared responsibility of management and employees will promote health and prevent workplace illness and injuries, harassment and workplace violence.


This policy applies to all library employees (including but not limited to full-time, part-time, students, volunteers, interns), contractors, sub-contractors, consultants, workers and every person accessing the library for services.

Policy Statement

Oakville Public Library, in the performance of its services, is responsible for promoting health and safety for the protection of its workers and the public alike. Unsafe practices will not be tolerated.

Every worker, contract worker and sub-contractor, including every person accessing library property for services, must protect his or her own health and safety by complying with the law and with the safe work practices and procedures established and required by the library.

All levels of supervisors will be held accountable for the health and safety of workers under their supervision. The library provides a safe and healthy workplace by supporting a formal program of education and training; preventing accidents, workplace harassment and violence, including domestic violence in the workplace; and reducing injuries and occupational illness through accident investigations, follow up action and the recommendations of the Joint Health and Safety Committee.


Occupational Health and Safety Act
Ontario Human Rights Code

Policy Number: HR-007 Policy
Category: Human Resources
Approved by: OPL Board
Accountability: Chief Executive Officer
Approval Date: June 4, 2020
Effective date: June 5, 2020
Next Review Date: 2021
Supersedes: March 2019

OPL is committed to attracting a talented, diverse and inclusive workforce which broadly reflects the communities and residents served and to selecting the best candidate for the position in accordance with the Ontario Human Rights Code, AODA and all applicable employment legislation and policies/procedures. OPL supports and encourages employees to realize their career goals and reach their maximum potential.

View the complete policy here (PDF)

Policy Number:    HR-005
Policy Category:    Human Resources
Approved by:        OPL Board 
Accountability:    Chief Executive Officer    
Approval Date:    May 27, 2021
Effective date:    May 28, 2021
Next Review Date:    May 2024
Supersedes:        Hiring of Employees Policy – 3.4


Oakville Public Library (OPL) is committed to maintaining a healthy, safe and supportive workplace for all library employees that is free from discrimination, harassment and workplace conflict.

This policy complies with the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act, the Ontario Human Rights Code and the Occupational Health and Safety Act, as amended. OPL will not condone discrimination or harassment with respect to race, ancestry, place of origin, colour, ethnic origin, citizenship, creed, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression, age, marital status, family status or disability.

It is a shared responsibility of every employee to support and maintain a positive work environment by always acting in an appropriate manner in the workplace or at any work-related or employee social function. Any inappropriate conflict or behaviour will not be tolerated. Resolution of complaints under this policy will be handled in accordance with the Respectful Conduct procedures which includes reporting; investigating; disclosure; and resolution.

Policy Number:    HR-006
Policy Category:    Human Resources
Approved by:        OPL Board 
Accountability:    Chief Executive Officer    
Approval Date:    February 25, 2021
Effective date:    February 26, 2021
Next Review Date:    2023
Supersedes:        June 2017

View the complete Respectful Conduct Policy here (PDF)
The Rzone is an Oakville-wide procedure that promotes a positive, safe and supportive environment for all  members of the public and staff. Violence, vandalism and inappropriate behaviour are not acceptable.

View the complete RZone Policy here (PDF)