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Strategic Pillars

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OPL will connect people to what inspires them by focusing on four strategic pillars. These areas of focus will guide our planning and priorities to better inform and engage with Oakville residents.

Expanding our reach

OPL will put actions in place to actively inform the Oakville community about its variety of services and programs, and encourage new users to join the library. We will enhance outreach that supports the needs and interests of diverse communities. 

Ways we will achieve this pillar include:

  • Strengthening stakeholder relationships and advocacy.

  • Creating a customer retention plan.
  • Increasing awareness of OPL programs and services.
  • Extending our presence in the community by reimagining and creating alternative service points.
  • Exploring new and more flexible ways to deliver services such as express kiosks and borrowing hotspots.

Promoting digital discovery

OPL will continue to promote and build digital literacy across Oakville, ensuring all community members have access to technology and have the skills to use it. 

Ways we will achieve this pillar include:

  • Fostering digital literacy skills by enabling ongoing participation in the evolving digital world.
  • Offering programs and training to support users in content discovery.
  • Collaborating with community partners to promote library digital resources to diverse and marginalized, and under served groups.
  • Following best practices for description, discovery, and preservation to improve access to our collections and services.
  • Reducing social isolation and providing equitable access to the digital world.

Investing in staff to deliver exceptional customer experiences

OPL will continue to collaborate with staff on exploring new and innovative ways to learn, providing them with resources and tools to deliver excellent customer service. 

Ways we will achieve this pillar include: 

  • Developing the library’s workforce to meet the current and future needs of the organization and the community.
  • Enhancing productivity and service through continuous system improvements.
  • Providing training and resources for staff that enable them to meet the changing needs of library customers and our transformed work environment.

Enriching lives and building healthy communities

OPL will work with our community partners to help Oakville residents better engage in thoughtful discussions on social issues and polarizing topics. Whether working to overcome misinformation or offering social services to support vulnerable populations, OPL will create a community that celebrates diversity, tackles difficult conversations, and helps build connections. 

Ways we will achieve this pillar include: 

  • Encouraging the understanding of Truth and Reconciliation and celebrating Indigenous cultures through programs such as the Indigenous Elder in Residence program.
  • Developing partnerships with community-based organizations to connect vulnerable populations to impactful materials and services.
  • Engaging and celebrating the diverse cultures and languages of Oakville.
  • Continuing our work to reduce discrimination and misinformation.