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Room and Space Rental Terms of Use

Access the PDF version of the Room and Space Rental Terms of Use here.
Procedure Number: OP-002-001
Procedure Category: Operations
Approved by: Director, Customer Experience
Accountability: Director, Customer Experience
Approval Date: August 14, 2021
Effective date: August 14, 2021
Next Review Date: July 2022

I have read and understand the Room and Space Rental Policy and the Terms of Use. I am authorized to act on behalf of my organization or group in booking a room at the Oakville Public Library.

All bookings must be made at least 7 days before the requested date and no longer than 2.5 months in advance. To request an exception, please contact the branch associated with your desired room rental option.


  • Acceptance of Room and Space Rental Policy and Terms of Use
  • Full payment upon approval
  • Proof of insurance, if applicable
  • Proof of non-profit status, if applicable


Oakville Public Library provides rooms for rent for profit and non-profit groups in library facilities. Rooms may be rented for a minimum of one hour between the hours of branch opening to a half hour before branch closing. Opening and closing times vary at each branch. Depending on availability, rooms may be rented after hours upon approval by contacting the branch directly. Fees are listed in the Fee Schedule.

Resources such as tables, chairs and public Wi-Fi are included with the room rental fee. Depending on availability, the library offers additional resources which must be arranged in advance. Resources that are available to book for an additional fee may include:

  • Video projector
  • Retractable screen
  • Whiteboard
  • Paper flip chart

Non-Profit Rates

Registered not-for-profits or charitable organizations will be charged the discounted rate for room rentals upon receipt of proof (i.e. current tax returns, constitution or registered charitable number).


To cancel or change an approved room rental a $15 administrative fee will apply. This administrative fee will be charged to the method of payment in which the room rental fee has been paid.

No fees will be refunded if a room rental is cancelled within 48 hours prior to the scheduled booking.

Cancellations may be made through Manage My Reservations or by contacting the branch directly by phone or email.

Central Branch

Glen Abbey Branch

Iroquois Ridge

White Oaks


If the library cannot provide the room for the client’s use due to matters beyond the library’s reasonable control (e.g. closure due to weather or building emergencies), the library reserves the right to cancel the booking and will reimburse the rental fee to the client.

Insurance Requirements

General liability insurance in the amount of $2 million per occurrence, naming the Town of Oakville and Oakville Public Library as additional insured, is required to rent rooms when any of the following applies:

  • There are more than 30 people in attendance.
  • The meeting or event is over 4 hours in length.
  • The meeting or event is open to the public (when number of attendees is unknown). If there is an RSVP system in place to monitor and limit attendance to 30, then this does not apply.

The client is responsible for arranging the insurance with an insurance company of their choosing.

Conditions of Use

  • The time period for use of the room must include the time required to prepare the room for use and to clean up the room after use.
  • All premises must be left in an orderly and clean condition.
  • The client is responsible for the set-up of the room unless pre-arranged with the library. The client will be required to leave the room in the same condition it was in prior to use.
  • To protect copyright, only videos with public performance rights may be shown to groups.
  • The use of open flames, fires, smoke or odour produced by burning aromatic substances (e.g. candles) is prohibited.
  • All decorations must be free-standing and nothing may be attached to any walls or doors or ceiling.
  • Storage for event related material prior to or following the event is not permitted.
  • Alcohol is not permitted.
  • Only light refreshments (e.g. coffee, muffins) are permitted, no hot food (e.g. pizza, pasta) can be served.

Personal information collected by Oakville Public Library (OPL), is collected under the authority of the Public Libraries Act, R.S.O 1990, Chapter P. 44 and will be used for the purpose(s) of account related activities. Please see our Customer Privacy Policy for more information. Questions about this collection should be directed to Director, Customer Experience at 905-815-2042.