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OPL Express Holds Lockers FAQs

What is a holds locker?

Holds lockers are part of the library’s OPL Express self-services, designed to extend access to the library and provide you with the ability to pick up your library materials from locations other than a library branch.
You can pick up your holds at four convenient locations in Oakville:

  • St. Luke’s Community Centre
  • Queen Elizabeth Park Community and Cultural Centre
  • Sixteen Mile Sports Complex
  • *NEW* River Oaks Community Centre  

Can I browse books at the holds locker?

Some OPL Express locations have holds lockers and Browse and Borrow units. Holds lockers are specifically for pickup of the library holds you place through our catalogue. All OPL Express locations have holds lockers.
Browse and Borrow kiosks, on the other hand, are self-serve kiosks where you can browse and check out library books on the go. These kiosks are available at St. Luke’s Community Centre and Queen Elizabeth Park Community and Cultural Centre.

How do I place a hold to pick up at the new River Oaks OPL Express location?

When placing a hold in the OPL catalogue, select “OPL Express @ River Oaks CC” as your pickup location (it would be the same process for pickup at any OPL Express location).

How do I place a hold if I don’t have a computer or internet access?

You can place a hold by calling a branch and requesting assistance from an OPL staff member. If you call after business hours, you can leave a voicemail and someone will respond the next business day.

How will I know if my hold is ready for pickup?

When you place a hold through our website, mobile app or phone and the hold becomes available, you will receive an email, text message or phone call notification (as per your OPL account preferences).

How long do I have to pick up my holds?

You have five (5) days from the date of the notification to pick up your hold. Holds that are not picked up within that time will be subject to a $1 expired hold fee.

What are the operating hours of the OPL Express locations?

OPL Express locations are open during the business hours of their respective buildings. Please view hours of operation on the Locations section of our website.

Are there items that cannot be picked up at a holds locker?

The following items cannot be picked up at OPL Express holds lockers:

  • Interlibrary loans
  • Kits (Connection Kits, Storytime Kits, Sports Kits)
  • Technology items (e.g., Wi-Fi Hotspots)
  • Oversized items
  • Park passes

Will I be able to use the OPL Express holds lockers if my card has fines or lost items on it?

If you have $35 or more in charges on your library account, you will not be able to retrieve your holds (e.g., lost items, expired holds fines). While OPL has permanently eliminated overdue fines on library materials, the library has implemented a limit of six overdue items per account to ensure borrowed items are returned in a timely fashion.

Library accounts with more than six (6) overdue items will be prevented from borrowing more physical library materials until the overdue materials are renewed or returned – including those in holds lockers. To regain card privileges, speak to an OPL staff member at your local branch or contact   

Can I get a library card at an OPL Express location?

Library cards can only be obtained by visiting one of our branches.

Can I use the holds lockers if I don’t have my physical library card with me?

Yes, you can scan the library barcode from the OPL to Go app on your mobile device or manually enter it on the touchscreen. You will be asked to enter your library PIN (typically the last four digits of your phone number) to verify your account. The process is similar to the self-service checkout kiosks within our branches.

How do I get my items out of a locker?

  • Tap “Collect Items” on OPL Express touchscreen​
  • Scan your barcode and enter your four-digit PIN
  • Highlight the items you would like to collect by tapping them
  • Tap “Open Selected Items”
  • Collect your items
  • Close locker doors

What if I’m having trouble getting my items out of a locker?

Please contact the associated branch during the branch’s regular business hours:

  • St. Luke’s Community Centre: Glen Abbey Branch, 905-815-2039
  • Queen Elizabeth Park Community and Cultural Centre: Woodside Branch, 905-815-2036
  • Sixteen Mile Sports Complex: Sixteen Mile Branch, 905-815-6112
  • *NEW* River Oaks Community Centre: White Oaks Branch, 905-815-2038

I returned my items at an OPL Express location, but several days later they are still on my account. When can I expect them to be checked in?

Materials returned at OPL Express locations first have to be transported to a full-access branch, and therefore may not be checked in for up to a week. Should materials remain on your library account for longer than a week, please contact the associated branch or

Am I able to get a paper receipt at the holds lockers for my checkout transaction?

At this time we have deactivated the paper receipt feature in order to eliminate a touch point for staff and customers during the COVID-19 pandemic. You can choose to have your receipt emailed to you by choosing the “email receipt” option on the OPL Express touchscreen. Customers can also check their accounts for due date information in the OPL to Go mobile app, by visiting and logging into your library account, or by calling one of our branches.

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