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Printing from a 
Public Access Computer

Printing is available from all public access computers within the library or through the library website on an OPL or personal laptop.

Printing is available for everyone. If you are not a cardholder, ask our staff at the Customer Service Desk for a guest pass to print from one of our public access computers, or use your personal device to print through the OPL website,

Please collect your documents on the same day they are sent to the printer as items in the print queue expire at 11pm every night.

Scanning and Photocopying
Scanning to e-mail and photocopying services are available at all branches. 
Printing from a Personal Device

Print from home, school, within the library or anywhere you have Internet access with our online print service, which allows you to send documents to library printers directly from your smartphone, tablet or laptop.

  1. Upload your file that you would like to send to print to this link

  2. Once the file is sent, visit any library branch by the end of the day.
  3. Visit a branch’s Print Release Station, enter your email address and select ‘Release a Print Job’.  

  4. Select your print job(s) and click ‘Print’.

  5. Pay for your documents (with coins) and select ‘Done’. For more information on printing fees, see Printing Costs
Printing Costs
Black and White Copying and Printing
0.25 cents per side

Color Copying and Printing
0.50 cents per side

Scan to email
0.10 cents per side
For debit, credit, and cash payments through bills please see staff at the Customer Service Desk. Payments through coins are available at the printing release stations. All coins are accepted for payment, with the exception of pennies.