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Information Oakville

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Information Oakville is a department of Oakville Public Library, dedicated to providing residents of Oakville with up-to-date, quality information regarding supports and resources available to the community.

Community Information

Information Oakville provides residents of Oakville with the opportunity to discover community events, activities, resources, services, and important information, in multiple ways.


Free community information boards, displaying posters/flyers promoting local community events and resources, as well as brochures and other materials displayed, providing more detailed information about community supports and resources serving Oakville. Community information boards and brochure displays are available in all OPL branches (selection varies by location).

Virtual Community Board

The COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted the need for multiple approaches to share and access important, and accurate, community information. Information Oakville’s new Virtual Community Board was designed to provide an alternate way for the community to find and discover important information and resources, without being required to visit one of our branches in-person. 

Find upcoming events occurring in the community, important information for residents of Oakville, and community support and resource information, including links to local service agencies, online through our Virtual Community Board

Social Media

Information Oakville shares events and information with the Oakville community through Instagram. Visit, follow and tag us, @InfoOakville.

Information Oakville also shares events and information with the Halton community through the Halton Information Providers social media accounts. To learn more, visit

Halton Information Providers

Information Oakville is the lead agency of the Halton Information Providers (HIP), who are responsible for maintaining the Halton Community Services Directory (HCSD), providing crucial community information to residents of Halton, and supporting Ontario's local and provincial information and referral network.
Learn more about HIP and HCSD on our Halton Community Services Directory page.

Outreach and Training

Information Oakville staff are passionate about sharing information and resources with the community. Look for them at community events or giving presentations, sharing resources, and listening to the needs of our community. If you would like Information Oakville to attend your event, or give a presentation, one-on-one or to a group, about finding community information in Oakville, please reach out to

Posting and Sharing

If you have materials that you would like displayed at any of our branches, online, or shared within the community, please ensure you meet the following criteria, then submit your request to us below.

  • Not-for-profit agency or group, serving residents of Oakville, either through virtual means, or physically located in Oakville. (Commercial promotional materials from individuals, groups or organizations that operate to earn a profit will not be considered for posting)
  • All important details are included (Where, when, why, how) and accessible through multiple means (phone, email, website, QR Code)

Unacceptable materials include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Partisan or political in nature, for or directed at, individual political parties or candidates
  • Solicitation through surveys, research studies, contact “tear strips”, contests, giveaways, and prizes, or anything requiring an exchange for service. (membership, personal data, subscriptions, etc..)

External promotional materials must be approved by Information Oakville prior to posting through our Community Information channels. Materials will be considered based on policy guidelines; availability of space varies by location and posting cannot be guaranteed. For more information, see OPL's Display and Distribution Policy here

Submit your request: Email          Online Form (coming soon)