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National AccessAbility Week

May 28 to June 3, 2023 marks National AccessAbility Week, where we recognize the valuable contributions of Canadians with disabilities, highlight the work of people and organizations that work towards removing barriers, and reflect on ways we can become a better, more accessible and inclusive community.

Here at OPL, the library is committed to equitable access and providing a safe and welcoming space for all. Listed below are supportive services and resources available to OPL cardholders. 

Accessible Services

Picks For You: Staff will pre-select a bag of materials (up to 5 items) or curate a custom booklist (of up to 8 titles) to suit a customer’s expressed preferences. This service is available at all branches by filling out an online form or by phoning if needed.

Delivery by Mail: If you are unable to come to the library, you may qualify for our delivery by mail service. Participants may receive two packages a month containing up to two items each. Available by email or by calling your local branch. 

CELA services: CELA is the Centre for Equitable Library Access; it exists to assist Canadians with various print disabilities. 

  • Books, magazines, and newspapers are available and can be accessed in audio, digital text, or braille format depending on the title. 
  • CELA users with proof of disability may also access the Bookshare collection, a US-based database with over 1 million titles available (in e-text and e-braille formats, computer-generated audio available).

OPL staff are available to offer information about CELA’s resources, assist with the CELA sign-up process, or with accessing CELA material itself using our Connection Kits. 

Connection Kits (Accessible Tablets): OPL offers special tablets designed to offer internet access and assist with the delivery of alternative reading materials. In addition to a small selection of library resources such as CloudLibrary and Hoopla, accessible tablets feature the Dolphin EasyReader app and the Homer audio player (the latter of which features a kiosk mode designed for easier navigation for sight-impaired or hearing-impaired users). Materials are pre-downloaded to the tablets by staff according to customer requests. Available through all branches. 

MagnusCards: An app designed to assist individuals with autism or special needs navigate community resources independently. Available online.

ZoomText: A special software which allows you to view the library catalogue or internet in large print. Available at Central and Woodside branches. 

Smartview: A magnifier which enhances all reading materials. Available at Woodside Branch, please call ahead. 

Kurzweil Reading Machine: A machine that will scan, magnify, and read printed text aloud to you using a special software. Available at our Central and Woodside branches; please call Woodside Branch to book for use.

Accessible website features: Oakville Public Library’s website is enabled with various accessible functions (ex. magnification, translation, auto-generated picture descriptions, and text-to-speech) using a service called ReachDeck (meaning no additional software or add-ons are necessary to render our site accessible). Additionally, our library catalogue also allows for searches which filter library materials by their different accessible formats. 

Accessible Collections

Large print: Fiction and non-fiction books. Available at all branches.

Audiobooks: Fiction and non-fiction. Available in CD format as well as electronic format (through digital resources like CloudLibrary or Hoopla Digital). Available at all branches.

DAISY discs: Fiction and non-fiction digital talking books, disc format specific to accessible DAISY disc compatible readers. Special collection available at Woodside Branch. 

Victor Readers (also known as DAISY players): DAISY players can play audio CDs, mp3 files, and DAISY audio books. Available through Woodside Branch.

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